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The tragedy of extinction for many endangered species of mammals is being prevented by a technology that was first developed in the livestock industry. Embryos are extracted and preserved in liquid nitrogen where they remain viable for at least a hundred years, perhaps much longer. The equipment is not outrageously expensive and thousands of embryos can be stored in a small space.

This same technology can be used to prevent another tragedy, the discarding of human embryos. To many people the death of a human embryo is as tragic as the death of a human child. They advocate legislation or even direct action to punish the killers and stage dramatic protests to hamper the operations of the clinics.

Suppose instead they could contribute to the operation of their own clinics where human embryos were carefully extracted and preserved in liquid nitrogen just like the embryos of endangered species. The embryos would not be dead, they would be saved. With sufficient contributions the extractions could be offered for free which would suppress the market for alternatives. This way people who feel strongly about saving embryos could contribute directly to their rescue and preservation.

Future generations will probably have more wisdom and technology than us so they will be better able to deal with the embryos than we are. The frozen embryos may be needed here some day if a plague or other disaster kills a lot of humans. They may be sent forth in space ships as the best way to populate other worlds.

Since it would take an almost total collapse of technology and morality to place the frozen embryos in mortal danger they stand an excellent chance of being born into a better world than this one. Although the present revival rate is still well below 100% it is constantly improving and should surpass natural child birth long before the embryos are needed.

People who care strongly about preventing abortions could fund and promote a positive alternative instead of trying to enforce a negative prohibition, thus avoiding conflict and resentment with the rest of society. Women who want to end their pregnancies could give their unborn a better life instead of none at all, thus avoiding emotional trauma for themselves.

Here is a moral and legal dilemma solved by science. Those who care can pay to save of the unborn; the women who don't want them can be rid of them without guilt; and nobody goes to jail.