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ASG list of libertarian oriented organizations

Compiled by Advocates for Self-Government, 1994

ACTON INSTITUTE 161 Ottawa NW, Suite 405K, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Promotes a contemporary understanding of the classical liberal philosophy which is the product of the religious traditions of the West. Publishes books, policy papers, newsletters, and conducts conferences and seminars. (Fr. Dirico) 616-454-3080

ADAM SMITH INSTITUTE 2 Orchard Street, London SW1P3DQ, England Educational and research institute. Publishes studies on privatization and deregulation, and suggests free market policy applications. 01?222-4995

ADVOCATES FOR SELF-GOVERNMENT 3955 Pleasantdale Rd, Suite 106A, Atlanta, GA 30340 Supports local libertarian outreach with Seminar 1 and Operation Politically Homeless; publishes Liberator and World's Smallest Political Quiz. Teaches libertarian communication skills Catalog of audio tapes, video, books & more. (Carole Ann Rand) 404-417-1304

ATLAS FOUNDATION 4084 University Drive, Suite 103, Fairfax, VA 22030-6813 Expounds principle that economic actions have economic consequences; helps set up new free market think tanks; publishes Highlights & Atlas Report (Alex Chafmen) 703-934-6969

CATO INSTITUTE 1000 Mass Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001-5403 Public policy research foundation; publishes books, monographs, policy analysis & CATO Journal, all from a market liberal perspective; sponsors acclaimed week-long summer seminar at Dartmouth (David Boaz) 202-842-0200

CENTER FOR LIBERTARIAN STUDIES P.O.Box 4091, Burlington, CA 94011 Holds conferences, seminars & symposia for "scholarly business people." Publishes Journal of Libertarian Studies. (Burton Blumert) 800-325-7257

CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF MARKET ALTERNATIVES P.O.Box 15749, Boise, ID 83717 Conducts free market seminars for teachers and the general public, and debate seminars for high schools. Publishes CSMA Newsletter. (Allan Dalton) 208-368-7811

CITIZENS FOR A SOUND ECONOMY 1250 H Street NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005 Free-market public-interest advocacy organization; lobbies for free-market legislation (e.g. Individual Retirement Accounts, free trade, privatization & deregulation). (Paul Beckner) 202-488-8200

COMPETITIVE ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE 1001 Connecticut Ave, NW Suite 1250, Washington, DC 20036 Explores free-market solutions to environmental problems, antitrust reform & trade; sponsors Jefferson Group pro-market information exchange forum. (Fred Smith) 202-331-1010

FOUNDATION FOR ECONOMIC EDUCATION 30 S Broadway, Irvington-on-Hudson, NY 10533 Original libertarian educational foundation, est. 1947. Publishes Freeman magazine, books; conducts week-long summer seminars; provides material for high school & college debaters. (Hans Sennholz) 914-591-7230

FOUNDATION FOR RESEARCH ON ECONOMICS AND THE ENVIRONMENT 502 S. 19th #1, Bozeman, MT 59715 Promotes public policy reform supporting conservation & wise use of natural resources based on property rights, reliance on market processes. (John Baden) 406-585-1776 206-548-1776

FRASER INSTITUTE 626 Bute Street, Vancouver, BC Canada V6E3MI Public policy research institute w/free market orientation; publishes books & studies on economic effects of government policy. Center for the study of Economics & Religion division promotes dialogue between ecclesiastics and economists. 604-688-0221

FREE MARKET FOUNDATION OF SOUTHERN AFRICA P. O. Box 52713, Saxonwold, South Africa 2173 Promotes privatization, deregulation & the free market; publishes books & studies; sponsors conferences. (Leon Louw) 642-4407

FREEDOM SCHOOL 4415 W Pacific Coast Hwy, Newport beach, CA 92663 Teaches Bob LeFevere's dynamic Freedom School; Excellent follow- up to CATO, IHS, or FEE seminars. Conferences in various locations. (Kevin Cullinane) 714-650-5259

FREEDOM PARTY OF ONTARIO Box 2214 Station A, London, Ontario, Canada N6A4E3 Publishes Calendar of Individual Freedom (US & Canadian versions available). Also publishes newsletters and issue papers, and fields candidates for public office. 519-433-8612

FULLY INFORMED JURY ASSOCIATION P. O. Box 59, Helmville, MT 59843 Promotes legislation requiring that juries be informed of their right to consider both law and fact in reaching verdicts. Publishes FIJA Activist 406-793-5550

FUTURE OF FREEDOM FOUNDATION 11350 Random Hills Rd. #800, Fairfax, VA 22030-6044 Defends free markets, private property, free trade, freedom of conscience & civil liberties. Produces audio tapes on history, economics, philosophy & principles of liberty; publishes Freedom Daily (monthly calendar book). (Jacob G. Hornburger) 703-934-6101

HEARTLAND INSTITUTE 800 East Northwest Hwy Suite 1080, Palatine, IL 60067 Provides privatization and deregulation studies and conferences aimed at Midwest news editors, news directors, and legislative aides. (Joseph Bast) 708-202-3060

INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE 14142 Denver West Pkwy #101, Golden CO 80401 Colorado's public policy center. Endeavors to build consensus on the truths of the Declaration of Independence and explores their applicability to political and economic issues at the state level. (John Andrews) 303-279-6536

INDEPENDENT INSTITUTE 134 98th Ave. Oakland, CA 94603 Public policy institute. Sponsors non-political studies into critical public issues; publishes books & the Independent ; conducts conferences. (Jim Christie) 510-632-1366

INSTITUTE FOR HUMANE STUDIES 4400 University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030-4444 Searches for the best moral argument for a free society, and discovers, encourages and supports scholars who articulate that argument. (William Beach) 703-934-6920

INSTITUTE FOR OBJECTIVIST STUDIES 82 Washington ST. Suite 207, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 Sponsors seminars & lectures to advance Objectivism as basis for theoretical knowledge, social progress & individual happiness. Supports research & publishes the IOS Journal. (David Kelly) 914- 471-6100

INSTITUTE FOR ECONOMIC AFFAIRS 2 Lord North Street, London SW1T3LB, England Conducts public policy research with a free market orientation; publishes newsletter, books and video tapes on free-market subjects. 01-799-3745

INSTITUTE OF POLITICAL ECONOMY Utah State University, Logan, UT 84322-0725 Research institute. Studies political, philosophical & moral foundations of a free society. Sponsors conferences, issue papers & op-eds. (Veronica Ward) 801-750-2064

INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY 1800 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94120 International libertarian network. Publishes issue papers, Freedom Network News; sponsors int'l conferences. (Vince Miller) 415-864- 0952

JAMES MADISON INSTITUTE P. O. Box 13894, Tallahassee, FL 32317 Researches issues of concern to Florida & other southeastern states. Emphasizes economic freedom, individual responsibility, limited gov't. Publishes monographs & newsletter (John Cooper) 904-386- 3131

KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTS P. O. Box 305151, Nashville, TN 37230 Produces audio tapes of the words of great thinkers, many with a freedom orientation (Jefferson, Smith, Thoreau, etc.) (Michael Hassell) 615-889-6223

LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS 938 Howard Street #202, San Francisco, CA 94103 Sells wide selection of libertarian, history, philosophy & Randian books, audio tapes, videos; informative monthly book catalog. 415- 541-9780/800-326-0996/fax:415-541-0597

LANDMARK LEGAL FOUNDATION 1006 Grand Avenue 8th Floor, Kansas City, MO 64106 Engages in aggressive litigation to protect and promote a free- market economy and Constitutional principles. 816-474-6600

LIBERTARIAN FAMILIST MOVEMENT P.O.Box 4826 El Paso, TX 79914-4826 Family oriented children's rights advocates. Publishes Libertarian Familist (Bob Krel) 915-755-6940

LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF CANADA 1 St. John's Rd. Suite 301, Toronto, Ontario, M6P4C7 Canada Runs candidates for public office; holds an annual convention. 416- 763-3688

LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF U.S.A. 1528 Pennsylvania Ave. S.E., Washington, DC 20003 Runs candidates for public office; publishes Libertarian Party News; holds bi-annual convention. 202-543-1988

LIBERTARIANS FOR LIFE 13424 Hathaway Drive, Wheaton, MD 20906 Formed to show why abortion is aggression under general libertarian principles. Reasoning is expressly philosophical rather than religious. (Doris Gordon) 301-460-4141

LIBERTARIAN PRESS, INC. Spring Mills, PA 16875 Sells a limited selection of libertarian and Austrian economic titles. Book catalog. (412) 458-5861

LIBERTY FUND 8335 Allison Pointe Trail Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46250 Encourages study of the ideal society of free and responsible individuals. Sponsors conferences, publishes books, produces films. (Dub Hill) 317-842-0880

LIBERTY MAGAZINE P.O.Box 1181, Port Townsend, WA 98368 Bimonthly review of libertarian & classical liberal thought, culture, politics. Contributors include Hospers, Hess, Casey, other libertarian notables. (R.W. Bradford) 206-385-5097

LIBERTYTREE NETWORK 134 98th Ave., Oakland, CA 94063 Mail order supplier of free market books, audio tapes, video tapes, collectibles and gifts. (David Theroux) 415-632-1366/800-872- 4866

LINCOLN LEGAL FOUNDATION 100 W. Monroe #1600, Chicago, IL 60603 Public interest law center defends individual liberty, promotes free markets and works to limit government power through the rule of law. (Joe Morris) 312-606-0951

LOCAL GOVERNMENT CENTER 3415 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Suite #400, Los Angeles, CA 90034 Privatization clearinghouse. Publishes Fiscal Watchdog; maintains privatization database. (Philip Fixler) 213-392-0443

MACKINAC CENTER 119 Ashman St, PO 568, Midland MI 48640 Analyzes Michigan economic issues from a free market perspective. Sponsors seminars; publishes commentaries and studies. (Lawrence Reed) 517-631-0900

MANHATTAN INSTITUTE 52 Vanderbuilt Ave., New York, NY 10017 Promotes free market with books, symposia & Manhattan Report for scholars, officials & the public. (William Hammet) 212-599-7000

MISES INSTITUTE Mises Bldg. Auburn University, Auburn, AL 34689-5301 Promotes Mises' principles with seminars, books; publishes The Free Market and Austrian Economics Newsletter. 205-844-2500

NATIONAL CENTER FOR POLICY ANALYSIS 12655 North Central Expressway, Suite #720, Dallas, TX 75243- 1739 Does policy research on privatization; focus is health care, welfare; publishes books & monographs. (John Goodman) 214-386-6272

NATIONAL TAXPAYERS UNION 325 Penn. Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003 Lobbies to reduce taxes; ranks Congressmen/"Spending Score." Dollars & Sense newsletter. 202-543-1300

PACIFIC LEGAL FOUNDATION 2151 River Plaza Drive Suite 305, Sacramento, CA 95833 Law firm; litigates in support of free enterprise, property rights, limited gov't. Publishes In Perspective newsletter. (Ron Zumbrum) 916-641-888

PACIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE 755 Samsone Street, San Francisco, CA 94111 Publishes studies & books on market solutions to social, economic, environmental issues. (Sally Pipes) 415-989-0833

PIONEER INSTITUTE 85 Devonshire Street 8th floor, Boston, MA 02109 Commissions in-depth market-oriented studies from scholars on Massachusetts public policy issues. Runs annual citizen contest on privatization ideas. (Virginia Straus) 617-723-2277

POLITICAL ECONOMY RESEARCH CENTER 502 S 19th Ave #211, Bozeman, MT 59715 Specializes in natural resource economics, hazardous waste policy, Native American issues; publishes PERC Reports , books & op-ed pieces. (Michael Copeland) 406-587-9591

THE PRAGMATIST P.O.Box 387, Forest Grove, PA 18922 Bimonthly magazine presents practical arguments for libertarianism. Analyzes issues from a pragmatic standpoint. (Jorge Amador)

REASON FOUNDATION 3415 Sepulveda Blvd. Suite #400, Los Angeles, CA 90034 Educates public on principles of a free society w/Reason magazine, op-ed articles, and more. (Robert Poole, Jr.) 310-391-2245

RENAISSANCE BOOK SERVICE P.O.Box 2451 Riverside, CA 92516 Offers wide selection of free market books; selection in German, Spanish & French; catalog available. (Gene Berkman) 909-369-8843

REPUBLICAN LIBERTY CAUCUS 1717 Apalachee Pkwy Suite 434, Tallahassee, FL 32301 Works to move Republican party toward greater support for libertarian ideals through education & outreach efforts. Supports libertarian-minded candidates for office. Publishes Republican Liberty (Eric Rittberg) 904-878-4464

SERVICES GROUP 1815 N Lynn St. #200, Arlington, VA 22209 Consults on liberalization of economic policies, esp. free trade zones, private provision of public services. (Mark Frazier) 703-528- 7444

TAX FOUNDATION 1250 H Street, NW Suite 750, Washington, DC 20005-3908 Affiliated with Citizens for a Sound Economy. Non-partisan think tank which has monitored tax & fiscal activities of federal, state, and local gov't since 1937. Publishes Tax Features; coined idea of "tax freedom day." (Dan Witt) 202-783-2760

THE VOLUNTARYIST P.O.Box 1275, Grambling, SC 29348 Bimonthly publication explores non-political strategies for achieving liberty. (Carl Watner)

WRI FILMS, WORLD RESEARCH INC. P.O.Box 935 San Diego, CA 92169 Produces liberty-based educational films on economics, inflation, social justice, poverty, etc. (Dan Loeffler) 619-456-5278

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