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Freedom is for Everyone: Why Wear a Feather?

Although I no longer wear a feather I still think that the ideas expressed here have merit and I would like to see them carried on in some form.

I wear a feather as a symbol of freedom. Freedom that brings harmony, abundance, and love. It is the freedom we all have when we give it to others, like love. It is the freedom of those who have outgrown the desire for control over others but who instead delight in the diversity of humankind.

To be free we learn not to be threatened by the desires of people with different goals. The converse is also true. We also learn not to threaten others, even indirectly, to achieve our goals. This is what it means to wear a feather. Fear me not. I have no desire to control you. If you have no desire to control me, wear a feather so I can recognize you as a friend.

We will have harmony as soon as we stop trying to control each other. We will have abundance as soon as we stop robbing each other. If you don't want to control, if you don't want to rob, wear a feather.

If you just want the government to leave you alone wear a feather. If you believe that the path to a better world is the path of less government wear a feather. If you like what the libertarians are saying but the Libertarian Party is too political wear a feather. If you don't care about politics but think people everywhere should be free wear a feather.

When you see someone else wearing a feather you will know each other to be potential friends. You already have a shared belief in freedom although everything else about you may be different. That shared belief lets you communicate freely and agreeably. It also makes it easy to start conversations with strangers and encourages strangers to start conversations with you. The act of wearing a feather is an invitation to those around you to ask why. This asking why may well be their first introduction to the idea of freedom. This one-on-one contact can shortcut the usual growth process of organizations. It is especially helpful if you have a card or something with some information and a local phone number for more. You may even carry a spare feather for giving away.