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Libertarian and Green Values: Respect for Diversity

This is a libertarian perspective on respect for diversity.The questions are from a paper on ten key values of the greens.

How can we honor cultural, ethnic, racial, sexual, religious and spiritual diversity within the context of individual responsibility to all beings? There is no conflict between honor for diversity and individual responsibility. They reinforce each other since a heightened sense of individuality promotes awareness of the vast differences between people. Genuine honor and respect must come from the individual and cannot be imposed from without by threats of punishment for noncompliance. Yet the government routinely punishes those who do not pretend to accept those cultural, ethnic, racial, sexual, religious, and spiritual people and practices which have obtained political power. The normal and natural resistance and resentment people feel to being pushed around is then mistakenly directed toward the people and practices forced upon them by the regulations. The outcome is suspicion and hostility which would not have occurred in the absence of regulation. The libertarians stress individual responsibility in all areas and honor the cultural, ethnic, racial, sexual, religious, and spiritual diversity which comes with it. The government suppresses diversity and takes away responsibility. Reduce its power and allow people to learn to live in harmony at their own pace instead of trying to compel respect and understanding.

While honoring diversity, how can we reclaim our country's finest shared ideals: the dignity of the individual, democratic participation, and liberty and justice for all? None have more respect for diversity or are more concerned about the dignity of the individual than the libertarians. For