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Libertarian and Green Values: Postpatriarchal Values

This is a libertarian perspective on postpatriarchal values.The questions are from a paper on ten key values of the greens.

How can we replace the cultural ethics of dominance and control with more cooperative ways of interacting? Government is the main patriarchal institution in our culture. It is based on the ethic of dominance and control. Reject the patriarchal culture of government and cooperation will blossom. Free the schools. Free the airwaves. Withhold your support of government and avoid dependence on it. Goals which can only be met by dominance and control (government action) are patriarchal goals.

How can we encourage people to care about persons outside their own group? By removing barriers to communication, trade, travel, and charity. By abandoning the myth of the government safety net. Caring grows where there is no exploitation or restriction but through taxes and regulations we exploit and restrict each other needlessly.

How can we promote the building of respectful, positive, and responsible relationships across the lines of gender and other divisions? Respectful, positive, and responsible relationships cannot be created by law. Laws which dictate our relationships create an atmosphere of oppression which destroys respect, responsibility, and harmony. Only when these laws have been repealed will we see real progress. Merchants everywhere compete to build respectful, positive, and responsible relationships with their customers in spite of legal, natural, and cultural divisions. Libertarians are working to remove the legal divisions between people everywhere.

How can we encourage a rich, diverse political culture that respects feelings as well as rationalist approaches? Libertarians welcome voluntary social experimentation and the diversity it brings. Government seldom encourages political diversity and rarely shows respect for feelings. Only a libertarian administration can accept political experimentation and allow any voluntary system to evolve and flourish. Some political cultures respect feelings and some do not. Prohibiting the initiation of force eliminates fear of violent retribution for the expression of feelings.

How can we proceed with as much respect for the means as well as the end (the process as much as the products of our efforts)? Libertarianism is means oriented. Party members must sign a pledge that they reject the initiation of force as a means of achieving any social or political goal. The exclusion of violence is a unique and identifying characteristic of libertarianism. History shows us again and again how powerful and well meaning rulers using violent means have created only destruction and misery in spite of their best intentions. Libertarians believe the process of violence poisons the products of anyone's efforts, no matter how well intentioned.

How can we learn to respect the contemplative, inner part of life as much as the outer activities? Only if we have the leisure time generated by a free and prosperous economy. People become contemplative when their material needs are met and no system generates as much material wealth as the free market. Eliminating all censorship and other barriers to communication encourages exploration of our inner selves and sharing of what we learn.