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Libertarian and Green Values: Decentralization

This is a libertarian perspective on decentralization.The questions are from a paper on ten key values of the greens.

How can we restore power and responsibility to individuals, institutions, communities and regions? By taking power and responsibility back from the government. The power that used to be held by individuals, institutions, communities and regions has in recent times been seized by the central government with its myriad agencies and bureaucrats. Libertarians call for massive reduction of government power and the return of responsibility and power to individuals.

How can we encourage the flourishing of regionally-based culture rather than a dominant monoculture? Government imposes a dominant monoculture. Reduce its power and alternatives will flourish. The traditional regional cultures used to be a source of pride and profit to the people. The dominant national government imposes uniform standards and practices without regard for regional differences. When its power is reduced the regional differences will grow and the harmonious diversity we used to enjoy will return.

How can we have a decentralized, democratic society with our political, economic, and social institutions locating power on the smallest scale (closest to home) that is efficient and practical? Locate power in the individual. Empowered individuals can create such a society but it cannot be imposed from above. Individuals are the most efficient and practical scale for the location of power since they will use their power to create voluntary political, economic, and social institutions to meet their diverse needs. The most decentralized and democratic society is the one with the most fully empowered individuals. This is the goal of the libertarians.

How can we redesign our institutions so that fewer decisions and less regulation over money are granted as one moves from the community toward the national level? The Libertarian Party platform calls for radical redesign of our national government institutions toward fewer decisions and less regulation over people and money. Libertarians would like to limit our national level decisions and regulations to the barest minimum.

How can we reconcile the need for community and regional self-determination with the need for appropriate centralized regulation in certain matters? Libertarians are skeptical of the need for centralized regulation in most matters. We favor individual self-determination. Regulations are usually self defeating, often amplifying the very problems they were intended to solve. Individuals are naturally self-determining unless they are forcibly prevented by regulations. Community and regional self-determination can only grow when the power of the national government over communities and regions is diminished.