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Libertarian and Green Values: Nonviolence

This is a libertarian perspective on nonviolence.The questions are from a paper on ten key values of the greens.

How can we, as a society, develop effective alternatives to our current patterns of violence at all levels, from the family and the street to nations and the world? The Libertarian Party is explicitly nonviolent and has a noninterventionist foreign policy. Many of our current patterns of violence have their roots in our own oppression. The justification of violent means to enforce trivial laws promotes the acceptance of violence to settle disputes. The rampant violence in the drug trade is wholly attributable to the misguided and unwinnable drug war declared on the people by the government. This policy raises prices to absurd levels making theft necessary to support otherwise cheap drug habits. A second policy that encourages violence in the drug trade is the absence of enforceable contracts or protection of property rights. If the government refused to enforce contracts involving jewelry or acknowledge anyone's right to possess jewelry there would certainly be a lot of violence connected with the jewelry trade. Only the libertarians explicitly call for the withdrawal of our troops from foreign soil; a major step toward global peace.

How can we eliminate nuclear weapons from the face of the earth without being naive about the intentions of governments? A libertarian nation would need few missiles since it wouldn't be meddling in other countries affairs. The Libertarian Party platform explicitly calls for the withdrawal of all of our troops from foreign soil. In spite of their availability for many years atomic weapons remain limited to the defense forces of national governments. The only reason they have not been used by terrorists is their global unpopularity. Nonintervention is not naivet?. We can recognize that bloodthirsty despots rule many nations and still see the wisdom in not meddling in their affairs. Our intervention often makes them stronger and more hostile. Instead we can show the people of oppressed nations how much better off they could be without their oppressors. We can lead by example. As governments everywhere become less powerful and less hostile the world will become a safer place and the need for atomic weapons will fade away.

How can we most constructively use non-violent methods to oppose practices and policies with which we disagree and in the process reduce the atmosphere of polarization and selfishness that is itself a source of violence? Libertarians are using non-violent methods to free us all from oppressive government practices and policies (which promote polarization and violence by forcing centralization and uniformity). There is a broad spectrum of non-violent means available today. The boycott is powerful and effective against anyone doing business with the public. The electoral process is also available to express public disapproval of misguided policies. Civil disobedience has a history of success mainly through the media attention it draws.

Polarization is reduced between people who want to do business. The boss is always right and so is the customer. Violence will be reduced to its lowest point in an environment with the most opportunities to acquire and maintain wealth by nonviolent means.