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Natural Libertarianism

Being natural is very much in vogue these days, especially in consumer products. Perhaps we can show libertarianism to be natural also and take advantage of this trend.

Begin by watching how animals relate to each other. There are pecking orders, just like humans in corporations or the military. There are flocks of birds and schools of fish, just like humans at sporting events. There are mothers looking after young, just like humans. There is also a lot of territorial behavior, just like humans with their possessions.

Few behaviors are as widespread as territoriality. The tiny tropical fish, with a brain the size of a grain of sand, fiercely chases away other tropical fish of the same species. If property is some kind of abstract concept, how does it occur in creatures too simple to form abstractions? Does your dog have a favorite toy? Have you tried taking it away from him? Could you satisfy the dog with a substitute? Probably not, which indicates that the dog knows and cares which toy is his.

Property isn't just a convention made up by humans, it is one of the most widespread patterns in animal behavior. It is natural to humans just as it is natural to other higher animals.

There is another way in which libertarianism is most in tune with nature's way. Consider an ecosystem, like a woods or a lake. Bunches of different animals and plants all living together. Harmony? Depends on who you ask. The rabbit probably doesn't feel much harmony with the fox and only from our remote perspective can we see how they balance each other. But in spite of the constant eat or be eaten, the whole system works. The ecosystem as a whole remains healthy and adaptable if there is enough species diversity.

Bugs, weather, and disease come to natural systems, but when there are lots of different species, most of them will survive any particular threat and quickly move to fill the void left by those who don't survive.

Farming is a constant battle against nature because it greatly reduces species diversity. The farmer would like to have only wheat in a field but without his attention it would quickly evolve into an ecosystem with hundreds of species of plants and animals. The government is like some humans farming others. They have a plan for the types of activities and people they want to have but without their constant attention society evolves into hundreds of different activities and types. When they try to control humans they are, like the farmer, in a battle against nature.

One of the main principles that makes nature so rich is diversity. An economy with a great diversity of different types will quickly adapt to changing conditions. A diverse culture will be less susceptible to damage from any source. How is this wonderful diversity to be created? Diversity can't be created, it can only be allowed.