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Letter to New Age Healers

The decisions we make about our health and our bodies are some of the most important personal choices we face. Today we see the government making these choices for us more and more with terrible results.

Some of you have been hampered in your craft by legal structures claiming to protect health while actually destroying it. Some of you have friends or relatives sick or dead because the FDA won't let them get the cure they need. The catastrophic rise in medical costs in recent years would be much less severe but for the availability of medicare money. Now even medicare fails to buy needed treatments and those without it are doubly hurt.

You may perhaps already have negative feeling towards the AMA and the habit it has of suppressing alternative medical practices. But the AMA is only a professional organization, and there is a real role and a real need for these in most professions, including medicine. The thing that makes the AMA such a problem is that it has the power of the law and the police behind it. Without the power of police it could only protest and withhold approval of alternate medical arts. Whoever believed in conventional medicine could patronize only AMA approved medical facilities so no one would actually lose any protection. Everyone else would be free to practice any sort of healing arts they wished.

How about the FDA? Same approach applies. Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw in their life extension book have a big chapter near the back about the government's role. They want FDA approval to be a matter of labeling. Anybody who wants to be protected from unapproved drugs could just look for the FDA label. Other drugs could sit along side them on the same shelves for people who lack faith in the judgment of the agency. They point out that the FDA policy of requiring extensive safety and effectiveness tests costs a considerable number of lives. Think about it. If the FDA approves a drug and ten people die from taking it then the FDA has a big problem. If the FDA holds a drug off the market and a thousand people die who might have been saved, nobody blames the FDA. People are now leaving the USA to go to Europe for cures they can't get here. The one's who can't afford to go just get to stay sick or die.

These are examples close to home but the principles apply everywhere. It's natural to want to help the poor, the sick, the ignorant. The expression of this desire through government institutions creates a lot of serious problems though. The programs to help the poor have created a whole generation of experts at standing in line and filling out forms. Medicare, meant to help the sick, has driven up the price of medical care and turned medicine into a political problem. Since state educational institutions must provide the same education to all, inevitably some parents find themselves forced to pay to have their children taught things counter to their deepest beliefs.

We see the flourishing of new spiritual movements and beliefs freely competing with the traditional religions. Everybody has an opportunity to choose their own spiritual path. The separation of church and state is one of the main reasons we have such diversity and choice. Why can't we extend this separation to other fields, medicine for instance.

Think about taxes for a moment. Why do people pay taxes? Why do you pay taxes? Usually the reason is fear. Fear of losing your business, your freedom, your wealth. Think about it; can good effects be produced with money obtained by fear?

The libertarian philosophy has been a part of the United States since its birth. Thomas Jefferson and Henry David Thoreau would be called libertarians today. The Libertarian Party, active since 1972, is organized on national and grassroots levels.