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Letter to Feminist Writer Sonia Johnson

"Going Out of Our Minds" is a superb piece of liberation literature.

It told me a lot about the differences and similarities between feminism and libertarianism. Again and again I saw passages where the substitution of the word "government" for "patriarchy" would change your words into pure libertarianism. Your idea regarding abortion, that women simply learn to do it so laws become unenforceable and meaningless, is a perfect example of a libertarian solution.

I was reminded of an old joke where an atheist was chased up a tree by a bear. As the situation looked more and more hopeless the unbeliever finally broke down and prayed "Lord, if you won't help me, just please don't help that bear!". I feel this way toward the feminist movement. If you won't help the libertarians, just please don't help the government!

Why are we invisible to you? Even in your chapter on running for president you never mention us, the party of liberation. A libertarian woman ran for vice president in 1972 (the first Libertarian Party campaign). A libertarian woman will probably run for president by the end of the century. The campaign manager for Russell Means is a women. The best state chair Florida has had in recent years was a woman. The best local chair Tampa Bay ever had was a woman. Emma Goldman and Ayn Rand epitomize the dual anarchist-capitalist roots of libertarianism. Even the statue of liberty is female! This isn't tokenism, intelligent women are realizing that government is the worst oppressor and libertarians are the only ones fighting it.

Do you reject our tolerance of evil? I constantly see people around me doing things I know are horribly destructive and cruel. Most folks, naturally enough, want laws to stop people from doing things they consider wrong. But control extended beyond knowledge can only do harm. The question is, what do we really know is wrong, always wrong, so wrong we are better off when violence is used to suppress it? The party platform says only force and fraud qualify. Can men oppress women without using force or fraud? Certainly not very effectively, perhaps not at all.

Do you reject our embrace of property rights? Territoriality throughout the animal kingdom is more pronounced in males so I am not surprised at women's disinterest in property rights. But power will always go to the power seekers and they can do much greater harm with laws than with riches. Laws are harder to resist, harder to escape, harder to control, and inherently violent. Let us remove the weapon of government from the reach of the fighters. There's plenty of politics in business for those who seek command.

Do you really think the democrats or republicans have anyone's liberation on their agenda? The Libertarian Party has everyone's liberation as our only goal.