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Letter: Arming Women

This letter was published shortly after a serial killer was captured.

All too often murders are blamed on the availability of hand guns. Now we have seen a horrible example of what can happen without guns. I'm talking about the women who were recently killed in and around Tampa by a predatory male. What can we learn from this multiple tragedy? First, killers don't need guns. Total elimination of all firearms would not have deterred this one. Second, the way we deal with this type of criminal is not effective. Not only is it costly in personnel, equipment, and money but additional lives are lost while law enforcement agencies identify and locate the killer. Third, some groups of women are so powerless that they can be systematically murdered with little risk to the murderer.

I suggest that women who have to work where there is danger of rape, kidnapping, or murder consider carrying a concealed weapon. Media attention to the possibility that women may be armed can dramatically reduce the incidence of rape. In Orlando, six thousand women took a highly publicized firearms training course and rape declined 90%. Other cities have seen substantial decreases in crime attributable to civilian firearms training. This would work in Tampa Bay.

This is not macho, this is not flag waving or constitution quoting, this is an appeal to women to save their own lives. Don't let terrifying fantasies blind you to terrifying realities. It doesn't help society for peaceful honest people, women or men, to be powerless victims of the violent.