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Letter: Excessive Government

This is a letter to the editor in response to an editorial decrying the absence of meaningful choice in our elections.

This is in response to the superb column in last Monday's Clearwater Sun entitled "Neither GOP nor Democrats have been able to curb spending." The sorry spectacle of bureaucrats wallowing at the trough of taxpayer's money is sadly accurate. The United States was founded on a constitution whose main purpose was to limit the power and size of the government. It worked well enough to give us the most spectacular demonstration of freedom, prosperity, and productivity that the world has ever seen. But we are witnessing the end of the good times, a decline of freedom, prosperity, and productivity in the United States. We see a government out of control under both Democratic and Republican administrations. What can be done? The article concludes on a weak note of hope, "Maybe we do need a new party."

Maybe we already have one. The Libertarian party has run presidential candidates since 1972 and got one percent of the vote in 1980. They are the third largest and fastest growing party. From the very beginning they have been saying that we don't need a gigantic and powerful government telling us what to do and taking ever increasing amounts of our money. Their platform calls for drastic reduction in the size and power of government on all levels, an end to inflationary monetary policies, and a balanced budget.

The founding fathers fought a bloody revolution to break free of English rule yet those regulations and taxes were far less oppressive than ours today. Instead of violent revolution we can change our government by voting. A vote for the Libertarian party is the most meaningful vote you can cast because it sends an unmistakable message to Washington bureaucrats that if they don't change their ways we the people will boot them out.

There is a third party. They believe that the government is far too powerful. They believe that peaceful honest people don't belong in jail. They believe that you know best how to run your own life and spend your own money. They believe in peace, freedom, and prosperity through less government.