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Sound Bites

Most of these sound bites are original but I probably heard some from other libertarians and forgot their source.

Peaceful honest people don't belong in jail.

Are you skeptical of libertarianism? Good! Skeptics make the best libertarians.

If you want the Democrats or Republicans to run your life, vote for them. If you want to run your own life, vote Libertarian.

Compared to the war on drugs the Viet Nam war was a victory.Viet Nam isn't killing civilians in the United States.

If coffee were illegal we'd be struggling to save our school children from the menace of crack caffeine.

If the government were as involved in clothing as it is in health care sewing at home would be a crime and we would be wondering how to provide $1,000 suits for all the millions of naked people.

Just because a product, like roads, benefits us all doesn't mean the government should provide it. We all benefit when people wake up on time. Should the government provide free alarm clocks?

To live under socialism, join the military.

Taxation is slavery.

The more complex the rules, the more ways to cheat.

Socialist: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.Libertarian: From each according to his choice, to each according to your choice.

The only governments in nature are pecking orders and dominance struggles; human governments are included.

Predicting the market is hard but predicting the regulations is harder.

Someday I would like to open my morning paper and see nothing about any government on the first few pages.

A dull knife is better than a sharp knife if it's held against your throat. Civilization would be destroyed if all government regulations were enforced.

Some diseases are worse than others but few people approve of any disease. Some taxes are worse than others but few libertarians approve of any tax.

People easily doubt or forget new facts but they generally remember a new way of connecting the facts they already know.

Giving a politician access to your wallet is like giving a dog access to your refrigerator.

We have too much government because we have too much faith in government.

The defining question of any political system is "Who goes to jail?".

A sincere person with illusions is more dangerous than any liar.

All wars and most famines are caused by excessive faith in government.

Bad ideas about government do more harm than bad people in government.

We hold our elected officials to unreasonable standards of perfection because we give them unreasonable power over our lives.

The most dangerous psychopaths are the ones in government.Serial killers may have dozens of victims. Hitler had millions.

There are many quiet libertarians but few ex-libertarians.

You don't need to be 100% libertarian to help the cause. Chicken wouldn't be a popular food if you had to eat the whole thing.

Ignoring the difference between violent and nonviolent crime is like ignoring the difference between biting and nonbiting dogs.

Before asking how people should be governed, ask whether they should be governed.

The government won't use widespread violence to maintain control. . . unless the people resist.

The video camera is the machine gun of the information age.

Teaching public school children how to think would be like teaching prisoners how to dig tunnels.

The market manipulates you with money.The government manipulates you with jail.

If trade barriers are good then why not have them between all the states or even all the counties?

Free trade isn't described in thousand page documents.Free trade is what happens between Florida and Georgia.

If people thought about politics as much as they cared about politics the world would be libertarian today.

The following "libertarian definition of politics" is not original but it's a great way to start a speech or conversation.

To understand what "politics" really means just break the word into its parts. Everybody knows poly means many; and ticks are bloodsucking parasites.