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Slavery Today

The abolitionists in the early 1800's wanted to abolish slavery and were generally considered to be crazy dreamers. Slavery had always existed, it was supported in the Bible. Sweet little old ladies relied on slave income. The slaves were unable to control themselves and needed masters to keep them busy and productive. But the abolitionists wouldn't listen to common sense. They said slavery was morally wrong. They kept up the shouting and, after years of little progress, people started to agree. The serious economic problems of slavery may have caused much of the change but the abolitionists were a visible group with which people could identify. They were also a source of arguments against slavery for anyone to hear, evaluate, and perhaps carry forward to others. In one generation our society came to a consensus that it was wrong for one human being to own another and slavery vanished from the USA. Or did it?

Total slavery was abolished but partial slavery has grown to more than replace it. Slaves are people who work for no money and have no choice. If you can't keep all the money you earn, you're doing some work for no money. Taxation is slavery. Half the population was never wholly enslaved but now the whole population is half enslaved. Total slaves were owned by thousands of different masters, some cruel, some kind. Now we all have the same slave master called government and who would call it kind?

Today's abolitionists are called libertarians. They are generally considered to be crazy dreamers. Taxes have always existed, they are supported in the Bible. Sweet little old ladies rely on social security. Foolish citizens must have some of their money spent more wisely by the authorities. But the libertarians won't listen. They say taxes are morally wrong. They keep shouting and, perhaps sometime soon, people will start to agree. The serious economic problems of taxation may cause much of the change but the libertarians are a visible group with which people can identify. They are also a source of arguments for freedom for anyone to hear, evaluate, and perhaps carry forward to others.

Modern slavery has caused hostility between the races to increase after years of progress. A worker half of whose paycheck goes to taxes feels used by unemployed welfare recipients. Feelings of injustice, resentment, and anger are normal to slaves.

The money you see going as taxes is only part of the total. Every loaf of bread you buy pays hundreds of taxes. The corporate tax on the company that baked the bread, not to mention the corporate taxes on all the companies that supplied materials or services. Fuel taxes on all the transportation, income taxes on all the employees, sales taxes on much of the materials. All businesses pass on taxes as a cost. All the taxes on all the businesses that supplied the company that baked the bread were passed on in the price of their goods or services. This adds to the taxes of all kinds paid directly by the company, and the wholesaler, and the grocery store. All taxes are paid by increased product cost. You pay the cost, you pay the tax. You must, they must. All are enslaved.

The ending of slavery by the abolitionists was from the outside. Most abolitionists were not themselves slaves or masters. The ending of taxation and regulation must happen from the inside. There's nobody out there to rescue us. We can appeal to our master the government to set us free but history doesn't offer much hope of success. We partial slaves are the overwhelming majority however and this alone may permit our liberation by nonviolent means. Those who enjoy the security of slavery will find that the world is full of people who will give love, money, and even respect to anyone who will do exactly as they are told. These will generally be kinder masters because, unlike the government, they must entice people to become their slaves by offering rewards and allow people to quit if the rewards are insufficient.

Those who work for no money voluntarily are called volunteers. Some of our largest and most treasured institutions use volunteer labor to perform important services for society. Those who wish to do good works and can abstain from material rewards form the bulk of the volunteers. Libertarians have no quarrel with those who point to the good works supported by taxes. Let those who value those works be the ones who pay for them or do them without pay. Let those who disagree further their own dreams with their own lives.