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Libertarian Duality Symbol

libertarian duality symbol
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The libertarian duality symbol consists of a yin-yang symbol with the movement counter clockwise and the dark half on the bottom. This places the round parts side by side with the dark one on the right. The dark round area on the right contains a light dollar sign. and the light round area on the left contains a dark peace sign.

We can best communicate our ideas to the rest of the world by using a lot of different methods. This symbolizes a positive attitude towards peace and money instead of a negative attitude toward government.

I developed this symbol on the drive up to the 1991 Libertarian National Convention in Chicago. I made up some buttons at the convention and was able to get the opinions of some of the movers and shakers of the libertarian movement who were there. I saw some puzzlement and confusion but lots of nods, smiles, and laughter from hard core libertarians.

The peace sign is a symbol of the sixties. The symbol for opposition to war and the "establishment". Libertarians oppose foreign wars and often the hated "establishment" was actually the government. Nonviolence and noninterference are characteristics of both hippies and libertarians. Toleration of diversity and social experimentation are common to both. Both hippies and libertarians call for the legalization of drugs. The people that wore peace signs in the sixties are now everywhere in our society and many still hold strong beliefs. We represent them better than anyone else today. We represent peace, nonviolence, and toleration; attractive values to a whole generation.

The dollar sign brings completely different images. Ayn Rand made it symbolize the free market in millions of minds. It stands for having money, making money, caring about money. Most people want more money. We know how to make it happen. We represent them.

The yin-yang symbolizes a duality where two concepts or aspects each support and enable the other to exist as in night & day, black & white, male & female, etc. Libertarian duality has been expressed in many ways: left & right, peace & prosperity, harmony & abundance, liberal & conservative, free minds & free markets, toleration & responsibility, personal freedom & economic freedom, freedom of expression & freedom of enterprise, etc.

Both are necessary for either to exist. Harmony and scarcity are exclusive, so are abundance and conflict. Where there is no peace, there is no prosperity; where there is no prosperity, there is no peace. The symbol joining the peace sign and the dollar sign shows this duality.

The Libertarian Party is symbolized by the Statue of Liberty. Other libertarian organizations like the Advocates for Self Government and the International Society for Individual Liberty also have good symbols. The peace sign, the dollar sign, the yin-yang, all represent general ideas, not specific groups. The libertarian duality symbol stands for an idea, not a group.

It can be used anywhere: T-shirts, hats, buttons, belt buckles, jewelry, graffiti, etc. If you feel that it expresses what you feel about libertarianism, display one. It invites comment and question. Even folks with a strong negative attitude toward one of the symbols are likely to have a positive attitude toward the other.