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The Real Danger of Fake Aliens

The idea of world government is acquiring an air of respectability and inevitability. We hear more about the UN, the World Bank, and global treaties for trade, the environment, and other issues.

Governments are run by people who planned ahead to gain positions of power so it is reasonable to assume that people are planning today to gain positions of power in the coming world government. It is also reasonable to assume that they will apply great imagination, intelligence, and financial resources toward establishing a world government.

People would accept and obey a world government if they believed there was contact with powerful aliens from outer space. To generate such obedience by military means would cost trillions of dollars so the appearance of aliens would save trillions of dollars.

It is reasonable to spend billions to save trillions therefore it is reasonable to spend billions on an alien hoax. Some of the technology may already have been funded by taxpayers as weapons research. Imagine if today's global political situation had existed in the 1940's when the atom bomb had just been secretly developed. A radio broadcast and a half a dozen atom bombs set off in cities around the world would convince everyone that there were really aliens. The bombs could be positioned by train or boat and the delivery system of the aliens would remain a complete mystery. Experts on explosives would testify honestly that it was beyond known technology. Scientists would know it was theoretically possible but it would still seem beyond our capability. The idea that humans were behind it all would be seem crazy. We could be enslaved for generations by a global government based on fear of alien retaliation for disobedience.

As one possible technology consider ball lightning. Ordinary lightning is easily created on a small scale but ball lightning has presumably been impossible to duplicate. The military has heavily invested in plasma research however and they may have figured out how to create and manipulate it. Glowing blobs could be pushed and pulled across the sky by fancy electronic gear to convince the people looking up that there were really aliens. Some star wars weapons can attack ground targets so death rays from space could be added to make the glowing blobs in the sky more convincing.

A global plague (already developed as a weapon) could threaten all humans before our friends the fake aliens give us the cure (also already developed). The historical willingness of governments to exterminate their own people suggests that hundreds of millions may be killed to convince the rest.

How can we detect fake aliens? Not by their technology, remember the atom bomb. Not by the death toll, remember Hitler. Here are two aspects of fake aliens that can't be changed without harming the hoax.

The first can be seen in today's tabloid aliens. Any scientist will tell you nature is full of surprises. Even trees and dogs surprise us sometimes. Try to think of a way that tabloid aliens are truly surprising and you will draw a blank. That is strong evidence that they are not products of nature but products of human design. If the aliens aren't surprising then they aren't real. If they are what we expect that is evidence that we made them up.

The second is if their concerns are our concerns. We humans put other animals in zoos, keep them as pets, shoot them and eat them, even make them work. But we don't care which ones rule or how they rule. We don't care about the things they care about and vice versa. So if we understand the aliens, if they intervene in our affairs, if they try to run our lives, then they're human because that's what humans do.

This whole scenario is based on common sense and common knowledge. It is a simple prediction that people will do what they have always done; enslave each other by trickery and fear when the opportunity presents itself. A great opportunity exists today.

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