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Alphabetical list of inventions

Seeds in foam plastic grow when given light and water.
Airships of different sizes that look and move like fish.
Clear vision underwater without mask or goggles.
Attitude matrix
Computer analysis of small group dynamics.
Fly an airplane with your eyes closed.
Automotive ideas
Assorted devices for the car.
Blink light
A hand powered piezoelectric strobe light.
Buzz filter
An electronic filter for any 60 hz interference.
A two person tile game like dominoes.
Chaos code
A quick and simple concealment cipher.
Combination knob
A combination lock built into a doorknob.
Concrete manatees
Concrete manatees make boaters careful.
Cyclone trashburner
A vortex incinerator from a 55 gallon drum.
Drip bucket
A home built drip irrigation system.
Grain scanner
Bar code reader measures grains and textures.
A habitat for humans in space.
Hello box
Greet visitors on the phone and let them leave messages.
An improved sex toy.
Mercenary chess
A chess variant using standard board & pieces.
Nature clock
Tells time until sunrise or sunset.
Reduce heating from sunlight through windows.
Platform control
Control a car or airplane with your feet.
Pocket randomizer
Generate any desired likelihood.
Quick mitten
Put on kitchen hot mittens quickly.
Radar deflector
Reduce the speed of your car's radar image.
Rail bike
Ride your bicycle on a single railroad rail.
A thinking card game for three or more players.
Sequestering concrete
Inexpensive storage for pollutants.
Sky well
A convenient source of distilled water.
Sonic eye
Changes images into sounds for the blind.
A toy for a variety of two person games.
Airplane changes orientation to improve performance.
Whisper zone
Ceiling creates useful acoustic distortion.
A game of reflexes for two players.