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Blink light

A hand powered piezoelectric strobe light.

The blinklight is a combination of two familiar devices.

Piezoelectric spark generators use a high voltage pulse to make a spark. Camera strobes use a high voltage pulse to generate a flash of visible light.

If the voltage and current requirements of a camera strobe could be met by flexing a piezoelectric crystal the result would be a mechanically powered strobe light.

A blinklight is a flashlight that makes one bright flash each time you squeeze the handle. It can be well sealed since it never needs batteries. The high visibility of a strobe suggests signaling applications such as emergency rescue gear on boats and airplanes. Lack of deteriorating batteries would be a benefit for this type of application where it might be stored for years before use.

Chemoluminescent elements near the strobe would be charged by it for a continuous dim light between flashes, increasing its utility.

There are dozens of industrial applications for a mechanically powered strobe.

Blinklight Technical notes:
The output characteristics of piezoelectric units will have to be modified to meet the power requirements of strobe lights. There is some possibility that a sufficiently bright strobe needs more power than a hand compressed piezoelectric can provide. I once attached a small xenon strobe tube across the terminals of a piezoelectric gas range lighter. When I pulled the trigger dozens of tiny blue sparks ran through the tube accompanied by a crackling sound. The light given off was feeble but a high voltage capacitor which would store the charge for a single flash would help a lot.