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Welcome to Chaos Park!

Most of chaos park is original one or two page text files. Eye candy has its own section and happenings is a photographic tour . I love to write and invent; chaos park makes my work available to the world. There are also some of my favorite pieces from other sources.

The universe is an exciting and scary place when you know a little science and politics. Our times are full of opportunity, danger, and challenges; I want to share some of that excitement with you through these essays.

Chaos park is simple and quick loading; there is no Java, no frames, and few graphics. It was written in text; web page composers aggravate me.

Sometimes one essay belongs in more than one section so links may take you from section to section. There are very few external links. If you put a subject or author into a search engine such as www.dogpile.com it will give you more good current links than I could ever post.

Your time is valuable so I squeeze my ideas into as few words as possible. If this makes them stark and dense I hope shortness compensates for lack of padding. I try for a simple vocabulary but some science words creep in.

Sections of chaos park:

I read science magazines; I watch science TV shows; I am a science junkie. These are bits of science I found or created that should be entertaining even for people who don't like science.

This is hard core libertarianism softened and oiled to make it easy to swallow. It is better to show someone a new way to understand what they already know than to try to give them new facts. I am a Ludwig von Mises fan and have put one of his pieces first.

My book "Beyond Government" dates back to 1995; libertarianism is timeless but the organizations in the appendixes may have changed. You can download the whole book as a Word 5 file. My approach to politics is to dig for root concepts then present them with simple images and metaphors. I believe a few core illusions cause our excessive faith in government. My goal is to find them and reveal them in the simplest possible words.

Eye Candy
The main resident eye candy is fractals; I find them very pretty and have made them available in small, medium, and large sizes. There's a link to my wife Mitzy's web page of photographs.

Daily Life
Ideas you can use every day, from exercise to meditation. Includes a section on food and recipes.

They're real, they're diverse, and there are a lot of them. Most are understandable to anyone with a good high school education. I have never been able to make money off them so I decided to cast them into the web. The pictures are 72 dpi bit images. You can download all the inventions as a Word 5 file. I am hoping that with enough exposure somebody out there will hire me to invent for them.

This web site is named after Chaos Park; our back yard in the universe of atoms. It is named for the chaotic events there such as the big parties four times a year.

My wife Mitzy, a photographer, will take you on a photo journey through the Chaos Ball held every Halloween. Other events will be covered in the future.

These are things here that are too strange to put anywhere else. Some links take you to the science section. You can become a disciple in the Church of Chaos by sending people to chaos park or sending me money.

Who am I?   See my face.
I am a scientist, an only child born in 1948 in New York City and raised in Florida where I plan to remain. I am happily married since 1990 to my second wife, Mitzy; I have three grown step children and two step grand children. My hobbies include wilderness canoeing and camping, science, and politics. I consume little alcohol or nicotine but excessive caffeine and vitamins. My heroes include Marvin Minsky (what is mind), Ludwig von Mises (what is money), and Elaine Morgan (what is human). Although gainfully employed, I am interested in consulting or other work if the price is right. Email me to request a resume.

I am starving for feedback on chaos park.
If you spot any errors or have any comments please email harry@chaospark.com.

Thank you and enjoy your visit to chaos park!

Harry Reid

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