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Mixed Tips

Animal tips
If you have a problem with a dog chewing or even touching anything just spray the thing with "Off" insect repellent. It will stop a dog from jumping up on you if you spray your front. It will stop a dog from chewing your shoes if you spray them. A flimsy barrier can hold back a big dog if it is sprayed. Dogs seem completely unwilling to touch anything sprayed with "Off". I haven't tried other repellents. The effect is not as strong with cats but may work on wild animals.

Don't yell at a dog for barking; they just think you're barking with them. Body language is louder to dogs than words. To make friendly with a dog, get low. Crouching is what dogs do to make friendly with each other. When a dog wants to sniff you, close your hand and offer it palm down with the wrist bent, this way the dog sees that you won't grab or hit. It also makes your hand a hard shape to bite.

Dogs are great bluffers and are skilled at bluffing humans. Beware of a dog that remains silent but lifts his front upper lip in a sort of sneer; he is about to bite. The nose rules the dog; if you have ever been hit on the nose you know how even a light hit can completely change your attitude; this holds for dogs too.

To discourage a dog from play biting grab the upper or lower jaw and squeeze some cheek over the teeth.

Kittens can be easily trained not to bite or scratch as adults if during early play you swat them when they do. This is not punishment; it's how cats play with each other. They will still enjoy play but will remember that humans swat when bitten or scratched.

Birds are very aware of the two eyes of predators as contrasted with prey animals who usually only show one eye at a time. You can sometimes get closer to birds if you hold your hand over one eye.

Mother cats transport their kittens by gripping them by the loose skin above their shoulders. If you smoothly and gently grip a big handful of this skin and lift a cat up into the air vertically they will usually go into a trance for up to five seconds before they become angry and start to squirm.

To catch a small animal like a frog or lizard, wave one hand in front of it and while it is watching that hand come smoothly from behind and grasp it with the other hand.

To handle a bird, snake, or other animal used to trees, relax and envision your arm and hand as a tree branch. A bird or snake will relax and feel at home on your hand as if it were on a branch. This is a good exercise in physical projection and imagery since your arm and hand are kind of branch shaped already.

Auto tips
The softer the part the more attention it deserves. The softest parts are the fluids and they should get top attention. Give your car good gas, good oil (I like synthetics), good coolant, good tire pressure, etc. Next are belts, hoses, gaskets, and wires. These parts decay so you need to keep an eye on them. The hard metal parts are last to fail and require the least attention.

Synthetic oil smokes a lot less than organic oil. If you have a car that burns oil or a two-cycle motor synthetic oil will greatly reduce smoking.

It is a lot easier to keep the inside of your car clean if you keep a roll of paper towels and a waste basket within reach.

Drinking ginger beer or chewing on ginger can help keep you awake on long drives. Some hot spices or high doses of B vitamins can also act as stimulants.

If you get bored waiting at stop lights in a daily commute you might try stop light music.

Web page tip
I compose html as text files. This procedure makes it easy to view and edit them.

This will put all of the left carets down the left margin and make it easier to view and edit the text and commands. It doesn't expand the stored size of the text by much although it will be more pages if printed. Look at some chaos park source code to see this formatting.