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How to cook a goat

For over twenty years I have cooked a goat every year for a party called the May Day Goat Roast. The goats usually weigh 30-60 lb (meat and bones only). A smaller animal is almost as much work, a larger one just takes somewhat longer to cut up. This process should work for any land animal.

You will need a small sharp knife, a cleaver or hatchet to chop the ribs, a large number of small bamboo skewers, and a big stew pot or pressure cooker.

  1. Separate the goat into pieces small enough to handle by cutting it apart at the leg joints and a few places in the spine.

  2. Cut the meat off the bones. Cut the good meat into bite size pieces and put aside. Cut up the gristle, tendon, and fat and put in the stew pot along with the bones.

  3. Separate each rib from the spine and chop it into two more easily handled pieces; put them in with the meat pieces.

  4. The meat pieces and rib pieces can be soaked overnight in a marinade of your choice.

  5. Cover the bones and scraps in the stew pot with water and simmer overnight or cook under 15 lb pressure for at least 3 hours. Chill the pot for a few hours after it is done cooking.

  6. When the pot is chilled the fat forms a solid white slab on the top so it can be removed and discarded. Clean the meat from the bones by hand; discard them and any inedible tendons.

  7. The pot now contains the base for a rich and meaty stew. Add vegetables, spices, and thickener of your choice. I like to thicken with instant mashed potatoes.

  8. The bamboo skewers should be soaked a few hours in water so they don't burn on the grill. Put the meat bites on the skewers, one each.

  9. Start a grill at party time. The skewered meat bites and rib pieces cook quickly on the grill. They should be basted with sauces of your choice.

  10. My favorite goat sauce: Pour a pint of soy sauce into a blender. Add a hand full of roughly chopped raw ginger and a hand full of raw garlic. Blend at high speed for several minutes. Strain through a tea strainer. Keep refrigerated. This is a concentrate, you may want to dilute it with ginger ale.

  11. This process lets you keep a pot full of goat stew available throughout the party. Bites of meat on skewers are grilled and served as needed.