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Trust in Chaos

Chaos comes in many flavors, we can name a few.
Lying past imagination easily in view.
Chaos molds the mountain ranges, shapes the puffy clouds,
Synchronizes water dribbles, harmonizes crowds.
We used to think it merely chance, it's obviously more.
No simple die can simulate the waves upon a shore.
Our best electric brains are just beginning to reveal
The ways of nature's wildness, the randomness of real.
They tell us of the wires and wheels in back of nature's mask
Our very souls are there, who knows what questions we can ask?
We may not like the answers though, we love to find a cause
And think chaos a failure in perceiving nature's laws.
But what are laws of chemistry if molecules lie still,
Or move in any ordered way? Sans chaos, they are nil.
The coalescence of the Earth and evolution's dance
Could only have occurred within a universe of chance.
Our favorite things; love, commerce, art, impossible without
Surprise and unexpectedness, uncertainty and doubt.
So chaos is the highest law encompassing the rest.
It locates stars within the sky and twigs within a nest
And cells within a human brain, and words within a poem.
I laugh and love in chaos now, reality is home.

Harry Reid 1987